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    Have an idea you need to spread with video? Take charge of your story. Go pro with Gradio.

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    Promoting your business and ideas can be a lot of hard work, we can do the heavy lifting with video, photo + social media all under one roof.

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    With professional sound equipment and an ever-increasing appreciation for learning and networking, we are an ideal fit for your conference, meet up and networking needs

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    Through lifestyle, historical and event documentaries, we’ve covered stories that shaped our past from the 1940′s right up to the leading edge of controversy affecting lives today.

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Latest Video Projects

  • studio 4, charity, victoria video production

    Fight 4 The Cause: 2nd Annual Charity Boxing Match

    The 2nd Annual Fight 4 the Cause was hosted at the Victoria Convention Centre supporting local charities in the community. Fighters who had never boxed before committed to weeks of training and raised funds to help 4 major charities in Victoria.

  • Liane Cownden training with Gradio Media Victoria Video Production for Fight 4 the Cause

    Liane Cownden – Self Sponsored Fight 4 The Cause

    Liane shows us the hard work that goes into getting ready for Fight 4 The Cause with Gradio Media Victoria Video Production.

  • Meaghan Ball + Synergy Wellness in Victoria, BC team up with Gradio Media Victoria Video Production for Fight 4 The Cause

    Meaghan Ball – Synergy Health Centre

    Meaghan Ball shows us how she got a little extra training from Synergy Health Centre in preparing for Fight 4 The Cause with Gradio Media - Victoria Video Production

  • Kenny 'Speedy Shoes' Husband with Gradio Media Victoria Video Production for Studio 4 Athletics' Fight 4 The Cause

    Kenny ‘Speedy Shoes’ Husband – Yates St. Taphouse

    Yates St. Taphouse sponsors their DJ + main man Kenny 'Speedy Shoes' Husband in the ring for Fight 4 The Cause.

  • Andrew McKinnon sponsored by Dryworld Industries for Fight 4 The Cause

    Andrew McKinnon – DryWorld Industries F4TC Sponsor

    DryWorld Industries back Andrew McKinnon in his Fight 4 The Cause. Giving back to the community and helping out local athletes is a win-win for everyone involved and how Dryworld rolls.

  • Jill van Gyn Fight 4 The Cause Studio 4 Athletics Gradio Media

    Jill van Gyn – Studio 4 Athletics

    Jill van Gyn + the last peak at what the participants are putting themselves through for Fight Night and raising funds for some great causes.

  • Victoria Humane Society Gradio Media Promotional Video

    Victoria Humane Society

    The new Victoria Humane Society and Executive Director Penny Stone at the recent launch of the organization. The Victoria Humane Society needs your help in securing a site for its shelter facility, and in continuing its work in animal rescue.

  • Diane Pancel + Warren Scott Dance With The Stars Victoria

    Diane + Warren : Dance With The Stars Victoria

    Diane Pancel + Warren Scott, having fun practicing their routine for the Ageless Living Expo's Dance With The Stars Victoria.

  • Serena Lee - Child of Rage with Gradio Media for Fight 4 The Cause

    Secret Ninja Headquarters – Serena Lee

    Serena Lee decided to channel her inner rage to carry her through the Fight 4 The Cause Charity Boxing Classic. You can tell by this video that Serana goes full on for everything she does - especially when it involves a good cause.

  • Damon Fryer with Gradio Media for Studio 4 Athletics

    Damon Fryer – Fight 4 The Cause

    Damon Fryer decided to help out the community by dedicating himself to Fight 4 The Cause + training to be in the best shape he's ever been. His heavy weight match with Justin Banman was proof that Damon gave it his all in support of this great event.

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Our Clients

  • Dryworld Industries teams up with Gradio Media Victoria Video Production for Studio 4's Fight 4 The Cause

    We created DRYFEET performance footgear to firmly take the next step in the evolution of sport, to deliver a better world for all athletes. As the DRYWORLD grows, there’s three words that shape our fate. Dream. Defy. Deliver.

  • The Edge Food Energy Logo with Gradio Media Victoria Video Production Company

    The Edge Food Energy Company is an organic and sustainable Real Food portable nutrition company founded on Vancouver Island.

  • Baker Rejuvenation has making their clients look + feel better at their core which is a big reason Gradio Media Victoria Video Production is happy to work with the Rejuvenation Centre

    At the Baker Rejuvenation Centre, they know age is just a number and there's no need for anyone to know yours. Since 2000, they've been helping their clients look the age that best suits their lifestyle.

  • Victoria Property Management, Real Estate

    Duttons is a growing, progressive company that focuses solely on providing you the best single unit residential management services in Victoria, BC. For over 18 years, they have strived for excellence and become known for providing stress-free rental property management and a premium level of service.

  • Gradio Media Video Production with the Victoria Police Department for charity video production

    The Victoria Police Department was established in 1858 and is the oldest department west of the Great Lakes. Their 243 police officers, 106 civilian staff and 78 volunteers proudly serve the City of Victoria and Township of Esquimalt.

  • Sybil Verch of the Verch Group of Raymond James teamed up with Gradio Media Victoria Video Production to film the Real Women, Real Success 2014 event

    The Verch Group’s investment approach takes into account each client’s unique aspirations, needs, expectations, risk tolerance, tax situation, corporate structure, succession plans and lifestyle goals. We adhere to a disciplined approach to managing money as we help clients avoid costly mistakes.

  • Gradio Media teamed up with Steve Lester of the Victoria Fire Department for Studio 4 Athletics' Fight 4 The Cause Charity Fundraiser

    Providing exemplary emergency response services to British Columbia's Capital City, the Victoria Fire Department's professional staff delivers a wide variety of safety-based programs that serve children, seniors, businesses and the community at large.

  • Gradio Media Victoria Video Production teamed up with Luv Salon for the 2013 Fight 4 The Cause Charity Boxing Fundraiser

    Women's Men's and Children's haircuts and styles. LUV Hair Salon specializes in updo's, colouring, permanents, weddings and grad cuts and styles.