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About Us

We're Gradio Media, an agile company with big gusto. Do you have a small business? A brilliant story? One solid team? We accentuate what you do best and showcase it through the most shareable medium.

Connect with us at 778-678-6781 or view some of our past work.

The Goods

Tell Yo' Story

share your ideas

with like minds

Focus On Your Target

focus on

your target audience

Fresh Coat

slap a fresh coat

on an established brand

Reward Your Army

reward your people

with engaging content

Be An Alchemist


with bold new ideas

Save The World

go save the world


Projects We'd Love To Be A Part Of


As much fun as contact forms are, we have the most fun connecting with people by phone and in person.

Give us a shout at 778.678.6781 so we can discover the best way to bring your ideas to life.